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About Me: Hello Everyone! My name is Charlene Laguer and I'm a believer and follower of Jesus Christ. I was saved at the age of ten and have been through various toils and snares throughout my Christian faith since then. However, I've learned during this journey to continue to pursue and endure life's hardships, regardless of what it throws at me because my faith in God has strengthened so much more as life pushes onward.

The reason I feel compelled to write about Christian living is because I want to share with you many of the same life experiences I've had within my Christian faith, some of which perhaps you too are struggling with or will experience in the years to come.

Here are a few of my statistics: I was single, then married, separated, divorced, and now single again. I have an ex-husband who is a wonderful father and who still remains a dear friend to me. Between us we have one beautiful daughter, who is now approaching 29 years old, and who is also married. I now have a wonderful son-in-law, who is an amazing husband to our daughter. We are truly blessed!

Throughout each one of these life-changing events, God has taught me important lessons through His Word on how to live the Christian life-walking by faith and not by sight. He has demonstrated His amazing and unending love, mercy, and grace to me and my family throughout all the experiences we've had to go through.

God has given me the wonderful opportunities of having a family--a husband, daughter, and son-in-law. Furthermore, I've been in the childcare arena for much of my life, working with families and children of various ages, personalities, and disabilities as well. 

I trust and pray that this website will help and educate you through the research and the many experiences I've had within my own Christian walk with God.

Sharing with you and others about what the Lord has done in my life gives me much joy and hopefully will uplift you as you journey with me throughout the pages of this website.

Thank you for reading and for your support as I continue to obey God in spreading the Good News to all who will read and hear! God Bless.

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