Single Christians: Using their spiritual gifts in building up the body of christ

Single Christians are able to use their spiritual gifts in building up the body of Christ through their unique position of being one.

If you are a Christian who is alone by divorce, being widowed, by your own choice, or purely by happenstance, you have a unique place in the world in which God can use you mightily for His purpose and service.

Personally. I can say that I have been at each one of these various stages in life: being married, separated, divorced, and now I am alone. Out of them all I have found that being alone has had the most challenges for me, and yet has presented different opportunities for serving God that I may not have had while being married. 

being a single christian presents distinct challenges

What are the kinds of emotions that conjure up whenever you think of your own singleness? If you feel sad or forlorn, thinking everything in life would be so much better, happier, or easier for you in the world if only you were married; or at least if you had a boyfriend/girlfriend, then you must look at your situation a bit further.

I believe that single Christians should maintain a higher standard of behavior and conduct as they live their lives for the Lord, even as they wait on Him for a mate in life. Scripture gives one biblical instruction while being separate from the world's system, and is made by God for our protection as well.

In this website, we will discuss some of these challenges and issues that pertain to this particular lifestyle of being one and living as one, and how God can work His purpose and plan for you throughout all of these situations. The following may be of concern and interest to you as you view how being alone in the world can actually benefit you and glorify God in the process:

Parenting: Perhaps you are a mom or dad who is alone, raising kids in a Christian home. It is tough at times, but doable, especially through the help and grace of God. We will discuss raising children according to scripture and biblical standards. You may even find out that single-parenting can be a truly rewarding experience and has great benefits as well.

Relationships With Others: Here we will discuss how you relate to your family members, people at church, your co-workers, associates, acquaintances, and friends. At times your marital status may not matter when dealing with others in your everyday life, and yet it can shine a light on how you view and interact with them, as well as how they do so with you. 

Dealing With Your Emotions: When you go through life alone, you may deal with various emotions which can bring you down, frustrate, and even anger you if you are not careful. Being lonely or experiencing loneliness can become a huge and overwhelming emotion most single Christians deal with from time to time. You may be going through feelings that spring up from life's situations such as the death of a spouse, divorce, remarriage, rejection, or just no time for love. Strong feelings and emotions that rise up from these life events can be combated and overcome through scripture and having a strong faith in God's plan and promises for you.

Unique Spiritual Opportunities: To me this is one of the most exciting aspect of singleness. You may want to use your spiritual talents and gifts for things like taking summer mission trips, or working at Christian youth camps, or starting up a Women's or Men's bible study group in your home, and so on. Many time it's just not possible to do these kinds of things when you have a spouse and family to attend to.

Dangers And Temptations: As a believer I am sure you are aware of the various dangers/temptations that can come up when you are living a life alone. Some of these difficult and controversial issues are things like abstinence,chastity and purity, pre-marital sex, affairs outside of marriage, living with someone you are not married to, self-love (masturbation), and so on.

Courtship and Dating: Even if you think you enjoy being and living alone, there may come a time in life in which you might think of looking for a marriage partner. There are so many avenues of searching for a mate this day in time, but you must tread on these waters with caution. You can connect and find people through your local church, Bible study meetings, mission trips, spiritual conferences, Christian singles groups, Christian online dating websites, and so forth. 

In conclusion, your life can be spiritually-led and full of the hope, peace, and joy that only Christ can bring even while living the single lifestyle. You will find that being alone does not have to equal out to loneliness or desperation because your Heavenly Father knows exactly what you need and when you need it. Serve God with happiness of heart, whether you are alone or attached to someone.

Consider this scripture verse as you continue to do service for the Lord everyday: Matthew 6:33 that says," But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and His righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." 

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