family fitness and wellness during pandemic times

Family fitness and wellness during pandemic times can become a challenge but can be achieved through daily habits and persistence.

There is great joy in feeling good in body, soul, and spirit, and when your body is in good health then wellness can come a lot easier. 

If you are at home under lockdown, it can seem like the world has closed in on you, or that you are living inside a cocoon and the four walls are beginning to close in on you!

Depending on where you live, and the government rules and policies which are set in place for your town, city, state, province, or country, you may be able to go out of your home with ease up to a certain point. If there are restrictions on where you go or what you do, then, of course, you may be able go around them if possible.

I realize that there are some countries whose governments do not allow its citizens to roam the streets at will or freely go from place to place without certain restrictions. However, most of them will allow you and your family to go outside your home for fresh air, walks in the park or in your neighborhood for running, biking, fishing, etc., as long as everyone wears a mask and are social distancing.

So, how can you and your family members stay well, healthy, and fit during these pandemic times? It can become a challenge, that's for sure, but when you pursue family fitness as a daily habit and goal with measured persistence, then you and all involved will be able to manage this pandemic with much less stress than you would without it.

Make Family Fitness And Wellness A Daily Habit

When you do something everyday, over and over, in repeated form, you will then begin to create a habit. This can be for anything really, whether it be something negative or positive in your life. Allow times for family fitness and wellness to be that positive force which drives and motivates you everyday!

Just as you make prayer and Bible study become a daily habit for you, do so with family fitness and wellness too. Cling to those things which God would have you do and to those priorities within your own family unit.

You may want to designate certain days, times, and places where you can go with your family for some fitness fun, such as strolling in the park, taking your kids to a nearby playground, riding bikes together, running or hiking. etc. Even if it's just to get out to stretch the ole muscles and joints, it would all be worthwhile as you'll feel so much better when you do these things.

I find that in my city there are certain places where pedestrians are not allowed, especially if social distancing is difficult to achieve, but around my own neighborhood at least I can take daily walks to get a bit of fresh air and sunshine which is very important for overall good health.

The importance of creating daily habits of family fitness and wellness depend on you and your family's needs as well. You may decide to get together to discuss how you will achieve this if it's something you all want to do on a regular basis. 

obtain Family fitness through persistence and discipline

These pandemic times have brought many trials, hardships, health struggles, and even death to many families around the globe, but even through all of that, the Lord has helped us and kept us, His children, to get through the worst thus far. We are grateful and completely thankful for all His goodness to us!

When you have your health and strength through all of this, it gives you more of a blessed feeling and motivation to continue to improve yourself by eating the right foods, taking quality supplements, getting fresh air and sunshine, as well as getting the right physical exercise! 

Persistence and discipline is the key to creating and maintaining a good family fitness and wellness routine. As you go out everyday to exercise, to the playground, biking, hiking, or what have you, you'll want to continue to do so because it does the body good to move around and about when most of the time you have to be cooped up inside your home if you're under lockdown from a pandemic event.

Family fitness and wellness also brings you together with the same mind, same values, and the same priorities for feeling great, healthy and vibrant, even in these trying times of the pandemic. You will find that even your stress levels will go down too. Now that's a worthwhile goal I'd say!

great ideas for family fitness fun and wellness

In the pursuit of creating and maintaining family fitness fun and wellness, make sure that whatever you all do together, it brings about a lot of fun with it!

Of course, it may not always be easy to bring everyone along in this plan because each person may have a different idea of what "fun" means to him/her, so you may need to have a small family meeting first, just to generate and gather all ideas for this partiular adventure and undertaking.

Also, you may have a family member or two who are just not willing to participate in your family fitness plan, and so, if not, no worries. If they are old enough you may be able to leave them at home or allow them to go elsewhere for their own fitness and exercise thing, if they are so inclined.

Or, perhaps each member of the family can take his/her turn in deciding what type of outdoor or indoor adventure to do. That may be a way of bringing more excitement into it.

Yes, we find that many families nowadays are exercising indoors since now a lot of people are having to work at home as well, so therefore they may also exercise at home. My own son-in-law has bought all his exercise equipment for indoor workouts when he cannot or is not allowed to go to the gym for his daily workouts. A lot of times he may just go outside for daily walks around the neighborhood for some good fresh air and sunshine.

What kinds of family fitness and wellness ideas are there out there that could work for you and your family? Well, here are a few suggestions which may interest you in this endeavor:

  • Going fishing
  • Going hiking
  • Going rock climbing
  • Going to the playground
  • Walking, strolling, or running around your neighborhood
  • Playing basketball, soccer, football, tennis, softball, etc. in your neighborhood (if allowed), in your neighbor's yard, or your own backyard
  • Planting a garden in your back or front yard
  • Checking on elderly neighbors (as long as you wear a mask and self distance)
  • Washing your car outside
  • Going to the beach (if opened for the public)
  • Walking the dog, or the neighbor's dog
  • Exercising at home (pilates, aerobic, floor exercises, jumping jacks, or jumping rope.etc.)
  • Kids playing outside while you either watch or interact with them
  • Bar-b-ques with your family and/or with the neighbors if wearing a mask and self distance
  • Taking long drives in the countryside
  • Going on a family picnic
  • Fixing on your house (doing outside repairs) and having family outside with you
  • Having a bomb bomb and firepit, roasting hotdogs and marshmallows outside on warm/hot starry nights
  • Having a relay contest outside with your kids and the neighbor's kids (if allowed)
  • Watching movies indoors but eating all very healthy foods and treats instead of the regular coke and pizzas, etc. that are not that healthy.

So, as you can see, there are many options for you if you wish to obtain family fitness and wellness into your life. It may take a lot of maneuvering on your part and that of every member in your family, but the rewards are great in the end.

You will find that stress is reduced, less fighting and distention happens within your family, and that you all become closer to each other than perhaps you ever did before! That to me is a most welcomed advantage and treat of all! The closeness one can have with the other is very precious.

For many years I worked in the childcare arena and with families of small children. As the children got older, I would ask them what particular things they remembered about their families, and they always revealed to me that it was the happy times they all spent together as a family that meant more to them than anything.

That is something to really think about, especially if you have children. It doesn't matter if they are young or older, they still remember those precious times with family members that brought them the most joy.

In conclusion, consider family fitness and wellness plans to bring you and your family together during these pandemic times. You will find that they not only bring your family unit together but will provide you with more of a sense of health awareness and security as well.

May the Lord richly bless your happy, healthy home.

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