fears and anxieties: don't let them control you!

Fears and anxieties can control and get the best of you if you're not careful. Allow God to bring peace and harmony throughout your life to prevent this continual conflict. You may wonder how indeed you could accomplish this huge task. Well, it's by studying His Word, trusting in His promises, and obeying His will in your life.

You may feel frustrated from time to time with various worries and anxieties surrounding you and your family, especially with the recent pandemic of the Covid-19 coronavirus, which affects us all to one degree or another. I too have experienced this as well; however, as believers in Christ, we know we have a God who is in control and a Savior who sits upon our hearts. Therefore, there is no need to fret nor fear for anything!

Remember dear Christian, Satan wants to control you and have the upper hand in your heart and in your life. He will try to accomplish this by whatever means or clever ways he can think of. This pandemic is just one of his tactics of manipulating, frustrating, depressing, and oppressing you. Don't allow him the satisfaction of doing so! Because, as 1 John 4:4 says, "Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world."

Fears and anxieties corrupt the christian body, heart, and soul

Unfortunately, there are worrisome and fearful situations, events, or circumstances we just can't stay away from or avoid in life; however, it is in how we act and/or react to them that can affect us in negative or positive ways.

Furthermore, the people in our lives (family, friends, co-workers, employers, church members, etc.) who are watching us in these trying times, will see how we carry ourselves and handle these situations which can challenge our patience as well as our faith.

Various fears, anxieties, and worries can do many harmful things to our bodies, hearts, minds, and souls. The following are just a few consequences that may derive out of being fearful in life:

  1. They can harm your physical body and mind. When you are under much pain, stress, worries, and fears, you can actually harm and injure your own physical self. According to Bustle.com in their article, 9 Ways Anxiety Can Impact Your Gut Health, According To Experts, they conclude that..."there is a pretty strong connection between anxiety and your gut health, so if your mental health isn't at its best, your body might be experiencing some not-so-great physical symptoms too, according to experts."
  2. They can keep you from engaging in society and/or going out in the world to fulfill your dreams and purpose in life. Consider what is reported in an article from APlaceOfHope.com, entitled, Are You Paralyzed By Fear?, where they report that, "Anxious people can appear paralyzed by fear. They can go to extreme lengths to avoid anything that triggers their fear. They can make elaborate excuses and put off handling anything that produces anxiety. All this creates tremendous tension and pressure. The stress this pressure creates is vented through impulsive behavior."
  3. They can upset and frustrate those around you (your family, friends, co-workers, employers, church members, etc.). When you worry, fret, and become so anxious that you can't think about anything else except that situation--what you're going to do about it (or not), along with how it's affecting you, it then becomes all about you, your needs, your feelings/emotions, etc. Folks get tired and frustrated with that kind of behavior, especially if it's lasted for a long time and nothing seems to have changed. Sometimes we can get so burdened and bogged down with things going on around us or about us, that we can forget we have a loving Father who sees and knows about it all, and who ultimately has the control over the matter. Take your burdens to the Lord and leave them there! (so the song goes). And finally,
  4. They can and will destroy your Christian testimony if you allow them to do so. Yes, it's going to happen at times, where fears, anxieties, and worries will get the upper hand of your thinking and of your entire life, if allowed to do so. As a believer and follower of Christ; however, you must remember that others are watching you, and possibly following in your footsteps along the way. Some of whom you are associated with may or may not be saved or have not yet heard the gospel message. Always be aware of this and ask the Lord to give you the hope, patience, and endurance to carry you through whatever stormy trial you're enduring at this present time, and to also give you the words to say as you encourage and pray for other people. Don't allow your struggles, fears, or sorrows be only about you, but about what your Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ has done for you and in your life!

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